About Me (You don’t need to read this)

Prepared for Engineering, studied Dentistry and Languages, worked as a Marketing Manager before finally joining the MBA program at ISB. In last 25 years I have realized that trying to ‘figure it out’ is too overrated. I have tried my best to mold my thought process to be a ‘non-judgmental’ and absolutely ‘no f**** given’ person. If you still find me someday passing judgement on others or worrying about what others think of me, do me a favor and remind me what I have written here.

Few extremely unnecessary facts about me :-

  1. I can’t pronounce many English words correctly, as I have learnt most of them by reading.
  2. I have come a long way from the ghettos of Lohardaga to the campus of ISB, though I don’t like anyone reminding me of that fact.
  3. I have this uncanny skill of finding people who are as weird as me, wherever I go.
  4. I remember everything.
  5. People love their mothers. I worship mine.
  6. I really loved clinical Dentistry, but I hated when they made me mix plaster & water.
  7. I am very spontaneous. And so are my close friends.
  8. I am not an introvert, but my anxiety kills me. Though I have learnt to pretend otherwise lately, and I am doing just fine.
  9. I suggest ‘Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami’ to everyone. Please don’t die before reading the book.
  10. I learnt Japanese only because someone told me “Spanish & French to sab seekhte hain (Anyone can learn Spanish & French)”

4 thoughts on “About Me (You don’t need to read this)

  1. Sukriti shah

    Hello am a bds graduate working in a clinic from past 2.6 years.. Is there any non clinical field I can persue my career in? As in some companies or industry?


  2. nikitakulkarniblog

    Hey! I’m aiming for ISB. I am planning to give GMAT. When should I appear for the same and when do the application process start for ISB?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


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