Time Management Hacks by KA


First thing first, I do not consider myself pro in Time Management neither I think I have achieved great things in my life by managing my time. But since many people have asked in the past and present, I think there is no harm in jotting down a few points about it.

DISCLAIMER : This post is strictly objective and not preachy, which means, I am writing how I manage my time, it is not necessary that these points will help the one too who is reading this post.

About myself: I am a Dentist-turned-Manager, currently working as a Marketing Manager at Oliveboard. I also have my own venture- I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of International Dental Journal of Students’ Research. I also work for The Bootcamp, where we help students to prepare for GMAT to get through ISB Admission process. I am an Early Entry Admit to Indian School of Business and I will be joining the batch of 2017-18. I am an avid reader and you can find my book reviews on my page The Booktrack. I love learning new languages and have cleared basic proficiency level exams in Spanish and French and currently I am learning Italian (Online) and Japanese (Weekend Classroom Course) simultaneously. Also I go food/drinks hunting every weekend and I also love to cook and. For more details, please visit my LinkedIn Profile.

I have been a multi-tasker since my college days and have been able to manage different things decently enough so far. I would like to share a few pointers that, I feel, help me to manage time and get stuff done.

  1. I do not drive, I strictly use public transport to go to the office or anywhere. Apart from saving money, this gives me a lot of time to read.
  2. I am NEVER without a book in my bag, no matter even if I am going to a party. You never know when you have to wait or sit idle and there is no harm in flipping through the pages of a book in that spare time.
  3. I use the ‘Hidden time’ to read- Time when you are waiting for the lunch to be served, time when you are waiting for the bus to arrive or even while you are in the washroom attending to your morning tasks *wink*
  4. I do not plan and mostly an ‘impulsive indulgent’. I feel planning kills a lot of time. If I feel like checking out a new pub in the town, I do not start making plans with friends. I try to call one or two people, and regardless of the fact that they are willing or not, I go out.
  5. Coming to my language training, I save a lot of time by immediately revising the lessons once the class is over- This is a great trick as you will be able to absorb more in less time when the lessons are still fresh in your mind and will save the time later. This goes true for any skill that you are learning- Revise as soon as the class is over and see how much time you will be able to save in the long run!
  6. I do not go for movies (once in a few months) and I strictly do not watch any sports (maybe Cricket World Cup matches when India is playing) or TV Series. The last TV Series that I watched was Mahabharata Star Plus.
  7. I tried to join a Gym/Fitness Center but realized that it was taking too much of my time. Now I get down at one or two earlier bus stop and walk home daily from there so that I get my daily dose of physical activity
  8. I prefer Whatsapp over Phone call- this generally allows you to multi task.
  9. I always try to meet new people- I think this is a great way of learning and picking up some good traits from others and it also improves your communication and interpersonal skills in less time.
  10. I do not sleep for more than 5 hours, no matter what (But I won’t advise it to everyone, do it only if it doesn’t affect your day-to-day activities).

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~ KA

4 thoughts on “Time Management Hacks by KA

  1. Really appreciate your blog post!!!
    I found all the points you mentioned here are very useful for the time saving technique on the day to day work routine. Thank you for sharing such vital points.


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