FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about GMAT.


Before I start writing this post, I would want to make it clear that it is being written keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of Indian MBA Aspirants, who generally prepare for the Indian Management Entrance Exams (CAT, XAT etc) and hence have quite a few doubts about the GMAT.

Who conducts the GMAT ?

GMAT is conducted by GMAC. The Graduate Management Admission Council ® (GMAC®) a global non-profit organization comprised of leading graduate business schools around the world. GMAC is the owner and administrator of the GMAT® exam, the first and only standardized test specifically designed for graduate business and management programs.

When can I take GMAT ?

You can book your GMAT dates on any day of the year. Log on to mba.com to book your dates.

What sections are there in GMAT?

The GMAT has 4 sections- AWA (Analytical Writing Ability), IR (Integrated Reasoning), Quantitative and Verbal.

GMAT Test Section # of Questions Question Types Timing
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Topic Analysis of Argument 30 Minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Part Analysis
Table Analysis
30 Minutes
Quantitative 37 Questions Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
75 Minutes
Verbal 41 Questions Reading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
75 Minutes
Total Exam Time 3hrs, 30 minutes

Please note that AWA and IR sections are graded separately. Your GMAT score (out of 800) is only on the basis of your performance in Quantitative and Verbal Section.

What is the examination fee?
250 US Dollars
How many times can I take GMAT?
You can take GMAT upto 5 times a year. But there must be a gap of 15 days between two successive attempts.
How can I prepare for GMAT? How long will it take? What materials should I use?
I have explained it very clearly in another of my post. Read it here 
Which Indian Colleges accept GMAT score?
Some of the major Indian colleges accepting GMAT score for the normal MBA are :-
Indian School of Business
Great Lakes
MISB Bocconi
For Executive MBAs, all the IIMs accept GMAT score. 
Do I need Work-Ex to take GMAT?
No, you can even take GMAT when you are in final year or before. The score is generally valid for 5 years (though it depends on the college to which you are applying)
How is the level of GMAT compared to that of CAT and XAT ?
Quantitative- Extremely easy
Verbal- It is on the tougher side but can be managed as the pattern is fixed and there is no unpredictability. There are only 3 types of questions- RC, CR and SC.
Integrated Reasoning- Many questions are similar to the DI (Data Interpretation) section in CAT/XAT and this can easily be managed.
I have prepared extensively for CAT/XAT. Can I crack GMAT easily?
Quantitative section- Definitely. Verbal section- Won’t help much.
Hope the post helps. Use the comment section if you have any more queries, I shall reply to them in due time. Also, Use the FOLLOW button on the left side of the screen so that you get an email whenever I update a new blogpost. Follow me on Quora as I have answered many questions regarding GMAT Preparation there.

16 thoughts on “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about GMAT.

  1. How to prepare to English part, I mean it is american English and in cat it is British English ??.. So will it confused aspirant in sentence correction ?… And also I am very weak in writing essay… How to work on that :(… Overall my weak point is VA


      1. That’s the beauty of Standardised test. An MBA abroad will cost you nearly 60L. Compared to that 16K is not big investment. Same goes with GRE as well.

        I would suggest you to research more about GMAT before taking the test.


  2. I guess there is an option to cancel the GMAT scores immediately after taking the exam. If we do so, can we take the Exam one more time with the same fees that we paid


  3. Hi! These are my scores in 10th : 89.3 % , 12th : 95.1% and Engg : 69.8%. I currently work for a Big4 consulting firm and have an year experience till now. I participated in MUNs during my undergrad and won few awards as well. Apart from this, I along with a friend started a technology consulting company during our 12th and we ran it successfully for 2 years. I am now considering to work as a freelance management consultant part-time during weekends for the startups in the city. In addition to that – I am also an active member of an NGO that aims to provide food for the poor.

    What else can I do to make my profile stronger? Did ISB start accepting GRE score ? If yes, what would be a safe score to get a call?


    1. Hello Srikar. You have an extremely strong profile for ISB and yes it has started accepting the GRE Score. Please Whatsapp me on 09743272862 and we shall take ahead the discussion.


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